What time does direct deposit hit Huntington Bank? 2024

Huntington Bank lets you make a direct deposit even early. So want to know more about it, Stay with us. Huntington Bank is an America-based bank company that provides online banking solutions, mortgage, investing loans, credit cards, and personal as well as small business and commercial financial services.

Founded in 1866 Huntington is one of the oldest banks with a $189 billion asset holding. It is also a national bank with more than 1000 branches in 11 states and over 1600 ATMs.

What time does direct deposit hit Huntington Bank? Depending upon your employer, the direct deposit hit your Huntington bank account before 8:00 PM (Eastern time). You can get direct deposit within two days if you enable Early Pay. Otherwise, it could take more than this for you can contact the bank or visit the nearest bank.


Direct deposit Huntington criteria for Early Pay

You can receive the number of funds via direct deposit within 2 days early with Early pay on the below conditions only:

  • You must have a checking account with Huntington.
  • Email address should be provided to the bank
  • Should be eligible for recurring direct deposit.

Setting up Early Pay is an integrated part of direct deposit to get paid early up to days. Only the Bank has the right to permit which recurring direct deposits are eligible to access Early Pay. The process to set up early pay might take up to 90 days to check eligibility. The best part of early pay it is fully automatic and there is no fee for early pay setup. Even you can remove this service by just calling the service center at this number (800) 480-2265.

Using direct deposit you can plan your financial arrangements and reach your financial goal or any long-term saving goals.

Does Huntington Bank do direct deposit?

Yes, Huntington Bank does direct deposit. To make a direct deposit you should have a checking account with a bank, and set up early pay so, you can get your payment up to 2 days early. There is no fee to set up direct deposit. If your employer’s direct deposit information is received before payday, they will make your salary/funds available to you when they have it, up to two days early.

How to set direct deposit with Huntington Bank

The best benefit of setting up direct deposit is the access to early pay. you can get your payment early two days. But wait Do you have regular salary transactions that directly deposit into your checking account? Here is where you can set up your direct deposit with Huntington Bank

  • Complete a Direct Deposit Form.
  • Find your routing and account numbers, that can be found at the bottom of your checks. You can also find those numbers online (on the account summary tab) or in a Huntington branch.
  • If your employer requests it, provide a blank, voided cheque.
  • Fill up and submit the Direct Deposit Form. Once completed, simply hand it along to your employer’s human resources department.

You can save the time of stepping into the bank or visiting ATMs to add money or deposit a check you are paid. You also have the assurance that the money is being deposited straight into your account, reducing the possibility of a dropped or stolen cheque.

Another benefit is you can split money using direct deposit for example you can send half of your money into your savings account and the remaining half into your checking account. This helps you to save money.

How long does it take for Huntington Bank to release funds?

There are three types of deposits you can do with Huntington.


If you using electronic deposits, wire transfers are available to withdraw on the same business day when the bank receives the transfer. Other than this, social security and payroll payments are also possible to use on the same business day of receiving.

For check deposits, funds are available to use on the first business day after the deposit. For example, if you have a check deposit of $500, and you deposited on Monday then it will be available to use on the first business day after the business day of each deposit that is on Tuesday.

For cash deposits, Funds are available to use on the same day as the day of deposit if you made a deposit using the Huntington office or ATM.

If you made deposits at night depositories it will take more time. Deposits done in the night depository are accepted as received when they (the bank ) remove from the night depositories once each business day before the bank office opens. These deposits may have longer delays to processing.

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For more details on the availability of Deposit funds: Read Document

Does Huntington Bank use Zelle?

Yes, you can use Zelle in the Huntington Mobile app. Simply go to the app’s Payments menu and tap Enrol. For the internet banking service of Huntington Bank, the Zelle app is not available, so to use this service install the Huntington Mobile app today on your mobile today.

You can transfer money straight to your Huntington account to relatives and friends in the United States who have a bank account. To start making payments, open the Huntington Mobile app and go to the Payments menu.

Is Zelle free with Huntington Bank?

Yes, Zelle is free to use from Huntington but there are limits on the amount you can send in a day.

Does Huntington have a deposit limit?

Each month, you may obtain up to 100 free transactions and $5,000 in free cash deposits with Huntington Business Checking 100. You may change to Unlimited Business Checking or Unlimited Plus Business Checking if you want higher limits.

What is Huntington Bank Mobile Deposit limit per day?

Yes, there is a limit per day using the number of checks and the amount on the check through Huntington Mobile Deposit. But there is no specific number provided on the official website. You can contact Huntington national bank phone numbers at (800) 480-2265, or (877) 932-2265 for information.

Huntington Bank Direct Deposit Form

You can download Huntington Bank Direct Deposit Enrollment Form: Here

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