News: A new bill may prevent private universities from getting Cal Grant aid

By  Damian  |


California bill proposes cutting state funding over legacy admissions


On Wednesday, Assemblymember Phil Ting said that he would reintroduce legislation preventing California's private universities and colleges from receiving state funds if they offer preference to legacy candidates.


“It’s time to close the door on privilege-based admissions, or legacy admissions as elite private universities call them,” Assemblymember Kevin McCarty Said.


The bill seeks to prohibit private colleges from receiving Cal Grant program funds if they provide special consideration to legacy candidates, thus putting USC at risk of losing millions in state financial assistance support.


According to the Los Angeles Times, USC students got $26.6 million in Cal Grant financial aid just in the 2021-22 school year.


The state's public universities do not consider legacy status in admissions choices, and at least two private colleges have discontinued the practice.


“Cutting funding off actually creates more of a wealth gap for students where the rich who can pay the tuition will be able to attend the school.


However, due to a shortage of financial help, students without a Cal Grant will not be able to attend USC, according to Nguyen. "And that's kind of the way the flaw is."