New FAFSA deadline for release is declared 

By  Damian  |

FAFSA deadlines are being extended after delay in changes.

Usually, FAFSA is released in October

However, this year, it was released at the end of December, pushing deadlines, information, and decisions back nearly two months.

These changes have impacted the timelines for completing the form, receiving an aid package, and selecting a college.

Traditionally, financial aid choices are accompanied by acceptance letters.

However, the delayed FAFSA launch interrupted the regular routine this year.

Yet there is no fix date is issued but they said aid will be released in December instead of October

Every year, over 17 million students apply for financial aid through the FAFSA in order to pay for their college education.

Virginia Tech moved up the deadline for first-year college applicants to submit their admissions deposits to May 15.