How To Fix a FAFSA Application Failed To Save Error?

By  Damian  |

Saving an FAFSA application is a simple process. However, you have to understand what's different between a few keywords used on the FAFSA.

FSA ID: An FSA ID is a safe way to get to, the website of the United States Department of Education. It's like a digital signature.

FAFSA Save Key: The FAFSA Save key is generated by the user with beginning the FAFSA Application form.

The key is different from the FSA ID or the username or the password

Using this key parent and student can access FAFSA form from any location

This save key can be shared by both parents and students.

How To Fix a FAFSA Application Failed To Save Error?

If a student cannot remember their FAFSA Save key, they can click on "I forgot my Save Key."

Students and parents might get the FAFSA Application Failed to Save issue if they already entered an incorrect zip code or opened the FAFSA form.

If you continue to receive this problem after several attempts, try restarting your FAFSA form.

If you still can't save your FAFSA application. Call the Federal Student Aid helpline at 1-800-433-3243. They will help you resolve the problem.