Trump secures presidential nomination and wins GOP caucuses in Hawaii

Following his late Tuesday acquisition of the Republican nomination, former President Donald Trump sealed his road to reelection by winning the Republican presidential caucus in Hawaii.

Trump has 97% of the vote, ahead of all other contenders, with 98% of precincts reporting. A rematch with Trump in November is all but guaranteed after President Joe Biden won the Democratic nomination on Tuesday as well as victories in Georgia, Mississippi, Washington, and the Northern Mariana Islands.

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From the beginning of the race, Trump’s domination was clear thanks to his impressive performance on Super Tuesday, when he won 14 of the 15 contests. Trump proved his support in Hawaii in 2016 by defeating a more packed field to win the caucuses.

Nineteen delegates will be awarded by the Hawaii Republican caucuses, and they will be divided among many subgroups according to the outcomes of the congressional district and the state vote.

Trump’s most recent victory came after the RNC on Tuesday let go of over sixty employees. Last Friday, the former president proposed that previous chair Ronna McDaniel resign and appointed three allies—including his daughter-in-law—to high positions.

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