Truist routing number of All Branches 2024

Hey, are you finding your Truist routing number for your ACH transfer? Here we provide a list of truist routing number by state and truist routing number for wire transfer as well as direct deposits.

Truist Bank was formed after merging SunTrust Bank and BB&T Bank. This may have possibilities you have different routing numbers as per your locations.


In 2019, Truist emerged after the merging of SunTrust Bank and BB&T Bank, this may lead it to become the 6th largest commercial bank in the USA at the current time. Truist also provides multiple banking services like personal banking, business banking, deposit accounts, wealth management, and most importantly mortgages.

List of Truist routing number state wise





District of Colombia












New Jersey


North Carolina






South Carolina








West Virginia


What is Truist routing number?

The routing number consists of nine digits and this tracks the transactions from where your money goes when they are transferred between bank accounts in the USA. A routing number is also known as an ABA number.

Using the right routing number helps you to determine where your money goes when they transferred. This is very important to use the right number to get your money to reach the right account. If the number is put wrong, will end up with your direct deposit, check, or ACH transfer going to the wrong bank or bank account.

Remember that your Truist route number could correspond with a routing number from SunTrust (061000104, the same as the Truist routing number) or BB&T (different routing numbers for each state it served), so be aware of this possibility.

Routing numbers are required by the Federal Reserve Banks to perform Fedwire funds transfers. They are also required by the ACH network to handle electronic funds transfers such as direct deposits and bill payments.

Truist fraud alert number: 844-487-8478

How To Find Your Truist Routing Number

How find your Truist Routing Number is a little difficult and frustrating task on the internet mostly for a specific bank. For a truist bank it may be more difficult due to it being formed after merging two banks. You can get your routing number after searching on this site(contains official data from bank sites).

You can get your Truist routing number from here, by contacting the bank, if you have a check or bank statement, you can find it there. You can get it after logging in to your online account.

If you are concerned about whether you have the correct routing number, please call Truist at 844-487-8478, as your money may end up in the wrong account if you have the incorrect routing number.

How to Find Your Routing Number on a Check

Your checks have three sets of numbers at the bottom called routing numbers; they are typically on the bottom left but can also be closer to the centre. The routing number is the first nine digits of this string of integers.

The digits after that are your account number and the check number.

What is Truist Routing Number for International Wire Transfers

If you doing an international transaction and to receive money from an international bank account you need a routing number? If you are making a domestic wire transfer, you will just need the wire routing number from this table.

Type of wire transfer

SunTrust routing number

Domestic Wire Transfer


International Wire Transfer to SunTrust account in the USA




To transfer money in the truist account SWIFT code is SNTRUS3A – Sometimes you’ll see XXX at the end of the document, which means Truist doesn’t have any branch codes within its SWIFT code.

Are the Truist and SunTrust routing numbers the same?

Yes, the Truist routing number and the SunTrust routing number are the same. Before starting a transfer, it’s essential to verify your routing number because Truist might still be utilizing routing numbers from BB&T Bank.

Does Truist have different routing numbers?

Truist has only one routing number, according to a Truist customer care associate. You should get in touch with Truist if you’re unsure which BB&T routing number to use since it may still be correct depending on your account.

Does SunTrust have two routing numbers?

There was just one routing number for SunTrust, and this is now the routing number for Truist.

What is truist routing number Florida?

The routing number for Truist (SunTrust) for Florida is 263191387

What is truist routing number Alabama?

The routing number for Truist (SunTrust) for Alabama is 062203984

What is truist routing number ky or Kentucky

The routing number for Truist (SunTrust) for Kentucky is 083900680

What is truist routing number Tennessee?

The routing number for Truist (SunTrust) for Tennessee is 064208165

What is truist routing number in md or Maryland?

The routing number for Truist (SunTrust) for Maryland is 055003308

How do I find my routing number on Truist app?

In digital banking of Truist banking: To check your routing and account number, select View account details after selecting that particular account.

Does Truist have a swift code?

Yes, Truist bank has a swift code. You and your partners will continue to receive FIN messages with the Truist primary BIC: BRBTUS33.

How much is a wire transfer at Truist Bank?

To make a transaction in the United States, you must have to pay a wire transfer fee of $30 USD for each transaction. Truist Bank also charges a fee of $15 USD for receiving a domestic wire transfer.

Can you use Zelle with Truist?

Yes, you can use Zelle with the truist transaction by following some steps. Signing into Truist Online or Mobile Banking will allow you to access Zelle®. Register in Zelle® by providing a US mobile number or email address. Inform customers that you accept Zelle® payments; they can send payments to you by entering your enrolled email or US mobile phone.

What is the withdrawal limit for Truist?

As a Truist Wealth customer, you will have access to an unequaled range of special features, bonuses, savings, and services. Truist Wealth Debit Card with Deals or Delta SkyMiles® Debit Card are two examples of benefits. But there are some withdrawal limits from truist bank. The daily ATM withdrawal limit has been increased to $3,000, while the daily purchase limit has been raised to $25,000.

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