Maximum Number of Schools You Can List on FAFSA

There is a limit to how many schools can be listed on FAFSA application. Your 2024-25 school list can include up to 20 institutions online or 10 on an FAFSA PDF. Your 2023-24 school list can include up to ten schools online and four schools on an FAFSA PDF. (You can include other colleges on your FAFSA form later.)

Is there a limit to schools on FAFSA?

Students can include up to 20 colleges or career schools on their FAFSA forms, so the advice below is no longer necessary! Adding more than ten schools to the FAFSA is simple (and required for many students). So, how can you add more colleges on the FAFSA?Feb 6, 2024

What if I have more than 20 schools for FAFSA?

(The FAFSA PDF can only name 10 colleges, however the online FAFSA form allows for 20.) If you have 20 schools listed on your FAFSA form, any new school codes entered will replace one or more of the existing ones.

How do I apply to more than 20 colleges?

However, if you want to apply to more than 20, you should investigate whether any of your other options use alternate approaches, such as the Coalition Application or the schools’ own direct application systems.

Can you get 20k from FAFSA?

The amount of money you can receive by filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is determined by your financial need. However, the maximum sum may be in the low tens of thousands of dollars every year. The average amount is around $9,000, with less than half coming in the form of grants.

Does FAFSA pay 100%?

While student financial aid has the potential to cover the entire tuition bill, it will usually fall short. Most students will not get enough financial aid to cover the whole cost of tuition unless their parents obtain a Federal Parent PLUS loan.

Can I send FAFSA to more than 10 colleges?

Yes, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) allows applicants to list up to 20 colleges on the form, instead of just 10. This change takes effect with the 2024-2025 FAFSA. You can add and remove schools once your FAFSA has been processed. Any new school codes that are added will replace one or more of the school codes already listed.

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