Joe Biden easily wins Georgia’s and Mississippi’s Democratic primaries

Following his victories in the primaries held in Georgia, Mississippi, Washington, and the Northern Mariana Islands, President Joe Biden secured the Democratic presidential candidature for the 2024 election on Tuesday night. Not until the Democratic National Convention delegates cast their votes this summer will he be formally declared the nominee.

The current president secured his second nomination by winning more delegates than the 1,968 needed to guarantee his position as the Democratic nominee.

The presidential nominee of the Democratic Party must secure the majority of delegates at the DNC in Chicago in August in order to formally accept the nomination. The Democratic Party has a total of 4,672 delegates.

After the results of the Hawaii caucus on Tuesday night, it is anticipated that GOP front-runner Donald Trump would clinch the nomination.

Following his nomination on Tuesday, Biden released a statement in which he stated, “We are facing a sobering reality.” We live in a time when freedom and democracy are more vulnerable than they have been since the American Civil War. The campaign of hostility, retaliation, and retribution being led by Donald Trump endangers the very concept of America.

“He continued, “I think the American people will decide to keep us moving forward.

Until the DNC delegation casts its vote this summer, Biden will not be formally declared the Democratic nominee.

Biden’s victory comes after the release of the transcript of Robert Hur’s interview.

The whole transcript of Biden’s two-day interview with special counsel Robert Hur in October over his handling of sensitive documents was made public by the House Judiciary Committee, which is what led to Biden’s victory.

According to transcripts, the president informed Hur that he had not intentionally retained the confidential material after his vice presidential term was up. The Special Counsel concluded in a report published last month that Biden is not a criminal target for mishandling records and called him a “sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

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