IRS Tax Relief Claim: How to claim benefits of a natural disaster if you were affected?

Following a natural disaster, the IRS provides several relief alternatives to assist you in meeting your tax obligations. The aftermath of natural disasters can be quite stressful.

The IRS offers extended deadlines and other assistance to help lessen the financial burden of taxes for people and businesses affected by federally declared disasters.

IRS disaster relief procedure:

A presidential proclamation of a significant disaster or emergency is required before IRS tax assistance can begin.

This proclamation comes after a preliminary damage assessment that FEMA carried out at the state governor’s request. Some areas are designated for relief efforts after the federal government declares a disaster.

Affected taxpayers receive automatic administrative catastrophe tax relief from the IRS. This covers deadline extensions for paying taxes, completing tax returns, and other urgent tasks.

The relief efforts are intended to provide those in the disaster area with immediate assistance and are predicated on FEMA’s assessments.

Who Is Eligible for the Affected Taxpayer Status?

These groups qualify for disaster tax relief:

  • People whose principal place of residence is in the disaster area.
  • Companies and individual owners whose primary locations of operation are in the disaster area.
  • Workers in the disaster area who are part of reputable groups that provide relief.
  • Taxpayers in the disaster region who keep the required paperwork.
  • Those who were hurt or killed in the disaster and happened to be in the disaster area.

To be eligible for tax benefits related to disasters, lost records must be rebuilt.

To assist in recording losses, the IRS provides disaster loss workbooks (Publication 584 for individuals and Publication 584-B for corporations).

Taxpayers who are impacted by a disaster may elect to report losses attributable to it on their tax returns for the year it happened (2023) or the year prior (2022).

Disaster victims who are looking for tax relief have access to several resources:

For the most recent information on declared disasters, visit

For individual assistance, call the IRS Disaster Assistance Hotline at 866-562-5227.

Taxpayer Advocate Service: For unresolved tax matters, call 877-777-4778. For in-depth details on recovery.

The IRS provides a number of relief alternatives if you have been impacted by a natural disaster to assist you in meeting your tax obligations during this difficult time.

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