Biden and Trump will face off in an election rematch, after getting party nominations.

Both US President Joe Biden and the previous president, Donald Trump, have secured their party’s nominations for the November election by meeting the delegate thresholds.

Tuesday’s primary was attended by Democrats residing overseas, one US territory, and four states.

Former US president Donald Trump and current US President Joe Biden will face off in November to win a second term.Credit: Morry Gash, Jim Watson/AFP via Getty

As a result, American voters will have to wait eight months for a replay of the 2020 presidential election.

Party conventions this summer will officially announce the nominations.

The 81-year-old president declared on Tuesday night that he was “honored” that people supported his campaign for reelection “at a time when the danger posed by Trump is greater than ever.”

“I believe the people of America will decide to keep us going forward,” Mr. Biden stated in a statement released by his team.

US President Joe Biden

Mr. Biden had an inherent advantage as the incumbent and had no real competition for the Democratic nomination.

The party apparatus came together in support of him despite people’ ongoing worries that his advanced age prevents him from carrying out the responsibilities of the presidency.

In the meantime, Mr. Trump, who is 77 years old, continues to have enormous support from the Republican base, which has helped him defeat well-funded opponents in primary after primary.

He has focused his campaign on tougher immigration restrictions, promising to “seal the border” and carry out “record-setting” deportations in order to win a second term in office.

Together with these pledges, Mr. Trump has said he will tax foreign imports, fight crime, stop the war in Ukraine, and put “America first” in international relations.

The outcomes from Tuesday night are not surprising because both men have dominated their races thus far.

Notwithstanding research that suggests Americans are not thrilled about the idea of another face-off between Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump in November, both of their re-nominations appeared all but preordained.

States compete to determine which candidate will have the greatest party delegation in the US presidential primaries and caucuses.

Although the Republican and Democratic primaries follow slightly different regulations, the procedure is basically the same.

To win the presidential nomination, a Republican contender needs to win at least 1,215 of their party’s delegates during the primary season; a Democrat needs to win 1,968.

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Republicans had caucuses in Hawaii and primaries in Mississippi, Georgia, and Washington State on Tuesday.

In the meanwhile, Democratic primaries were held in the Northern Mariana Islands, Mississippi, Georgia, Washington, and for Democrats residing overseas.

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