BECU routing number list state-wise 2024

The BECU routing number is used to identify the BECU account location and to track transactions. These numbers function similarly to how your BECU online banking login allows you access to your account. The routing number enables the banking system to process your check through the local processing department and transfer the information to the correct bank, which then utilizes your account number to debit or credit your account appropriately.

What is Routing number

A routing number is used to identify a bank or financial institute through a unique number. A routing number is a unique nine-digit code number provided to financial institutions like banks in the united states of America. The routing number is also known as RTN – Routing transit number or ABA – American bankers association number.

This unique code is used to find credit unions or banks while financial transactions are being processed, such as EFTs, direct deposits, and bill payments. For every financial institution, there is a unique code provided so it can be known by code only and this code also identifies the location of the bank where your account has been.


What is my BECU routing number?

BECU routing number is: 325081403. This is a single unique number for BECU that is available, it does not change with locations. Each bank and credit union has a unique routing number, and some banks have more than one depending on the location or industry.

What is BECU?

BECU stands for Boeing Employee’s Credit Union. BECU is a credit union especially formed to give service to the employees of the Boeing Company. In 1935 it was first established as Fellowship Credit Union by 18 Boeing employees.

BECU’s headquarters is in Tukwila, Washington. BECU is not a bank but it is an alternative option like a bank for Boeing employees only. If you are a Boeing employee you can access BECU’s online banking service and mobile application from any place even from home so no need to visit BECU.

The benefit if having a BECU membership is there are no monthly service fees or balance requirements. On CDs, money markets, and IRAs, Member Advantage accounts to provide greater rates. BECU provides countrywide access to over 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs.

Even you can enjoy global acceptance and services. You can make purchases with zero foreign transaction fees. Additionally, it will be a great traveling companion for both personal as well as business members.

How to Find Your Routing Number

There are several methods for obtaining a BECU routing number. BECU only has one routing number, therefore you can either use the number above or the instructions below.

You can also locate your routing number on a check if you have a BECU checking account – the check routing number is the first nine numbers in the lower left corner.

To find the routing number for your account if you don’t have a check, call BECU at 800-233-2328 whenever you want.

If you are unsure which number to dial, you should contact BECU since dialing the correct number could imply the difference between your money going into the correct or incorrect account.

Deposit cash questions and answers

Is BECU a Mastercard?

After getting a membership you’ll get a free BECU debit Mastercard. Mastercard has many financial benefits such as you can make transactions over 30,000+ ATMs in the united states free of cost. Out-of-network ATM fees are refunded to Members with Member Advantage (up to $3 per month).

What is the ATM withdrawal limit for BECU?

Every bank made limit rules for the transactions of money from ATMs. BECU members can withdraw at least $5000 from ATMs per day, no matter whether they have an individual or joint account. BECU also accepts Zelle payment service in that you can send up to $2000 per day and using a phone number, email id, or account number you can send up to $7,500.

How do I increase my BECU credit limit?

Many customers want to maintain their credit limit or may want to increase it. To increase the credit limit of BECU, you have to submit an application via online banking or use the phone number 844-232-8562, most safe and most effective way is to visit the locations.

BECU routing number for ACH transfers

When sending an ACH transfer to any BECU account, the ACH routing number must be supplied. You must use the ACH routing number 325081403 to send a domestic ACH transfer.

While submitting an ACH transfer to any BECU account, you must include the ACH routing number.

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