4 Key Points: Robert Hur’s statement on Biden’s improper handling of secret documents

Special counsel Robert Hur, who looked into President Joe Biden’s improper handling of sensitive papers and dropped a political bombshell regarding Biden’s memory, will be the centre of attention on Tuesday.

In this 2019 photo, Robert Hur arrives at US District Court in Baltimore. 
Steve Ruark/AP/File

Hur came to the conclusion that Biden had inappropriately released classified information as a private citizen and mishandled classified material after a year-long inquiry. Hur, however, asserted that even if the Justice Department had permitted him to indict a sitting president, he would not have pursued charges because there was insufficient evidence to bring charges against Biden.

However, Hur’s evaluation of Biden’s mental faculties was what really shocked everyone in Washington.

He explained the difficult task prosecutors may have in persuading a prospective jury that Biden was a criminal by referring to Biden as a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory”.

What will Robert Hur say about Biden’s age and memory?

Robert Hur’s assessment provided a devastating picture of President Biden’s memory, calling it at times “hazy” and “significantly limited.” Republicans will surely challenge Hur’s mental acuity.

Hur would state, “I had to take into account the President’s general mental health and memory, as well as how a jury would probably interpret those factors in a criminal trial.”

What differences does Robert Hur point out in the way Trump and Biden handled secret material?

Hur will provide testimony regarding Biden’s improper handling of secret documents on Tuesday during a Senate committee. A court hearing regarding Trump’s purportedly unlawful mishandling of secret documents is scheduled for two days in Florida as part of the Mar-a-Lago lawsuit, which is being handled by special counsel Jack Smith.

Intense political debate and arguing have taken place in Washington regarding the parallels and discrepancies between the two investigations as well as the fact that Trump was charged while Biden was not. (Trump entered a not guilty plea.)

How will GOP tie this to impeachment?

House Republicans are hoping that Robert Hur’s open statement will give their floundering impeachment investigation of Biden a new life.

Republicans connected Robert Hur’s work to their own investigation in their subpoena to the Justice Department for documents pertaining to Robert Hur’s probe ahead of the hearing, stating that they “are concerned that President Biden may have retained sensitive documents related to specific countries involving his family’s foreign business dealings.”

According to Hur’s assessment, “no jury could reasonably find that national defence information was the substance of the call between Mr. Biden and the Ukrainian Prime Minister.”

How will Robert Hur handle his turn in the spotlight?

This is probably Robert Hur’s greatest moment to date because he is not an everyday name.

During the Trump administration, he seems to have attended just one White House press conference while serving as the US attorney for Maryland from April 2018 to February 2021. Although he gave a powerful speech at the White House platform, a press conference and a congressional grilling in front of politicians seeking their own viral moment are very different.

During his halting 2019 hearing regarding the Trump-Russia investigation, Robert Mueller repeatedly sidestepped questions by telling members they could find the answers in his report.


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