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Wisely is not a bank, but they offered service of prepaid card. For prepaid card they also provide service of wisely direct deposits through online digitally or through a mobile app. importantly, wisely not a credit card service provider so they does not build credit.

Wisely is a fin-tech company which allows its users to do a wide range of facilities to transfer and use their money in different ways. One of the services that Wisely offer and is popular for is direct deposit. In this article, we’ll talk about “How long does Wisely take to transfer direct deposit?”, “How long does wisely direct deposit take” , ways to withdraw money from a Wisely card?, and also various services that Wisely offers, including – direct deposits using Wisely, and Wisely cards.

Today’s world is fast-paced. We all are heading for more and more speed every day. Our internet connection has got faster, and the vehicles we drive have got faster. Likewise, the processing of our financial transactions has also gotten faster.

How long does Wisely take to transfer direct deposit?

As we said before, with ‘Wisely’, you can make direct deposits. Now, if you have just made your first direct deposit with Wisely or are planning to make a direct deposit with Wisely in the near future, one of the most common questions that may appear in your mind is how long wisely takes to settle direct deposits.

How long does wisely direct deposit take? Generally, it takes 1 business day for Wisely to settle a direct deposit. However, in certain cases, it may also take more than 1 business day to settle a direct deposit.

Please note that, if the payment has not been initiated by Wisely, the timing for settling a direct deposit does not totally depend on the company. It depends mostly on the fin-teach company that has initiated the transaction rather than Wisely.

If the payment has been initiated on any holiday or if Wisely receives the fund on any day other than a business holiday, the time required to settle a direct deposit maybe even more.

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How to withdraw money from a Wisely card?

If you have a Wisely account and a Wisely card and also have some money in the Wisely card that you want to withdraw, here are a few ways you can withdraw the money.


The first and most convenient way to withdraw money from your Wisely card is to visit an ATM. Make sure that the ATM you’re going to use supports Mastercard and Visa cards, as Wisely uses these 2 cards. Also note that if you are using ATMs that are on the Wisely network, you won’t be charged anything, but if you are using ATMs that are not on the Wisely network, you will be charged a nominal fee.

Retail Stores:

You can also withdraw the money from your Wisely card when you make a purchase in a retail store that accepts cards. The payment for the purchase can be made along with a money withdrawal if you select the cashback option while initiating the transaction.

Bank transfer:

If you are not in a hurry to transfer funds from your Wisely card, you can try using the bank transfer method. Transferring funds from a Wisely card to a bank usually takes a maximum of 3 business days to settle.

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How to get an early direct deposit with Wisely

If you need your money in a quicker time frame, you can opt-in for an early deposit with wisely. With the early deposit feature, you can get your money faster – even before the payment date.

But, there are some pre-requirements to qualify for early direct deposits. The main pre-requirement is that your payment provider needs to submit the payment file to the depositor – in this case Wisely 2 days before the actual payment date. For availing of government benefits, the time frame is 4 days.
Even if you have direct deposit set up for your account, you will still need to opt in for early direct deposit in order to avail of the same.

Wisely always tries to offer their services at nominal costs, and you will be happy to hear that you don’t have to pay any extra money for early direct deposits.

Note: you may need to upgrade your Wisely account in order to enable early direct deposit.

How long does it take to transfer money from a Wisely card to a bank account?

We have already had our discussion on this topic. Transferring your money from a Wisely card to your respective bank account is one of the wisest things you can do to utilize the money available in your card. So, How long does it take to transfer money from a Wisely card to a bank account? In usual cases, it takes not more than three (3) business days to settle the money from Wisely card to bank account. However, the settlement period can be affected by multiple factors – including the time of initiating the transaction, the day of initiating the transaction.

So, in the near future when you need to settle your money from card to bank account, make sure that you have enough time in hand to avoid all the possible hassles.

Is there a fee to transfer money from a Wisely card to a bank account?

Yes, you need to pay a nominal fee to transfer money from a Wisely card to a bank account. In this case, all you need to pay is $2.50 per transaction. This is a mandatory fee and must be paid whenever you initiate a translation.

If you are not willing to pay this fee, you can opt in for other payment methods to utilize the available funds in your Wisely card.

A good strategy that can be made to avoid paying the $2.50 fee is to set up direct deposit directly in the Wisely card.


We hope that you have liked the information served in this article about different services of Wisely. We have explained all your probable questions in minute details so that there would be no questions left in your mind after your finish reading this article. To get these type of informative article, keep visiting our site regularly.

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