2024-25 FAFSA: Common Mistakes and Tips for Success

Common Mistakes in FAFSA

  • Missing deadlines: It is critical to submit the FAFSA early. Early submission ensures quicker processing and increases your chances of receiving assistance.
  • Incorrect information: Ensure that all entered information is correct and up to date. To avoid delays or problems, double-check your Social Security number, salary, and school preferences.
  • Missing signatures: The FAFSA application must be signed by both the student and, if applicable, their legal guardian.
  • Leaving some sections blank: Even if a field does not appear to be relevant, enter “0” or “not applicable” rather than leaving it blank.
  • Forgetting to list all schools. Include up to ten potential colleges to ensure you get aid award information from all of them.

Tips for Success

  • Gather your documents ahead of time. Having everything ready streamlines the application procedure.
  • Review carefully before submitting: Take your time and check that all details are correct and comprehensive.
  • Apply early. Early submission allows colleges more time to process your FAFSA and perhaps provide additional aid.

Quick Guide: HOW TO GET FAFSA FOR 2024-25

By following these recommendations and avoiding common errors, you can improve your chances of a successful FAFSA application and obtain vital financial help to support your educational goals.

What should I not report on FAFSA?

Vehicles, computers, furniture, books, yachts, appliances, clothing, and other personal property are not included as assets on the form. Home repairs are not reported as assets on the form because the net worth of the family’s primary residence is not recognized as an asset.

Does the FAFSA check your bank accounts?

Students chosen for verification of their form may worry, “Does they check your bank accounts?” However, they do not access the student’s or parent’s bank accounts.

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